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Calendar: Austria

Events in Art and Archaeology

The Other Side - Mirrors and Reflections in Contemporary Art
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  Belvedere  •  18 June - 12 October 2014
Vienna's Belvedere has undertaken to elucidate various aesthetic and symbolic aspects of the reflecting surface. Not only has the mirror been of great significance in the history of art and culture, but it can also look back on a century- old tradition as a magical and symbolic object. In several ancient civilisations, it was considered an image of the soul, while in European medieval art it functioned as an emblem of chastity, transience, sensual pleasure, and a passion for finery. In the Baroque age, on the other hand, it was a symbol of vanity – the futility of all human ambition. The mirror is a medium of self-perception and of the narcissistic doubling of one’s self, while it is also a threshold leading to a parallel universe or a different modality of existence, such as in Through the Looking - Glass 1 , where it functions as a means of expanding one’s mind.

Belvedere Website

Contact: Upper Belvedere
Prinz Eugen-Str. 27
1030 Vienna
Tel: (43) 1 79 557

Europe's Fathers: Augustus and Charlemagne
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien  •  27 May - 21 September 2014
To commemorate the death of the Roman Emperor Augustus 2000 years and of Charlemagne 1200 years ago the Kunsthistorisches Museum is hosting a small presentation of unique masterpieces that illustrate the intellectual world of these two rulers, the splendour of their courts, and their seminal importance for European history. The exhibition showcases two of the museum’s most iconic artworks: the Gemma Augustea and the Vienna Coronation Gospels, produced for Charlemagne and now on view for the first time since 1954.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Website

Contact: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
1010 Wien

Tel: (43) 1 525 24 - 5202

Events in Dance

Ismael Ivo: <EM>Erendira</EM>
Ismael Ivo: Erendira
Ismael Ivo & Biblioteca do Corpo
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  Volkstheater  •  13 - 15 August 2014

Ismael Ivo & Biblioteca do Corpo


Under the direction of Ismael Ivo, co-founder of ImPulsTanz and former director of the dance section at the Biennale di Venezia, the Biblioteca do Corpo now opens a new volume, following its first dance theatre project, “NO SACRE”, at last year’s festival. Under the title Erendira the choreographer from Brazil tells the story of a young woman who is enslaved by her grandmother and forced to work as a street prostitute. Inspired by the magic realism of Gabriel García Márquez, the outstanding author and Nobel Prize winner for literature, collective guilt and the disciplining of the individual are the main motifs in this piece, danced by 30 participants in the Biblioteca do Corpo project.

ImPulsTanz 2014 Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Volkstheater
Tel: (43) 1 523 55 58 35

Lloyd Newson DV8 Physical Theatre
VIENNA, AUSTRIA  •  Akademietheater  •  5 - 9 August 2014
Lloyd Newson   DV8 Physical Theatre

John (World premiere)

The company, DV8 Physical Theatre, is just what it states, in English, "deviate"- different. They take risks, but not too many; an agreable mixture of dance and theatre, texts and videos, full of ideas. For his latest piece, Lloyd Newson interviewed 50 men in depth about their lives. The result is John, which premieres at ImPulsTanz 2014. The research goes into intimate detail. The interviewees talk – and dance – about their battles and abysses, their lonelinesses, loves and sexual passions. And so an intimacy unfolds as if under a burning glass, turning into a microcosm of life today: John is an instalment of the “Verbatim Dance Theatre” format, developed by Newson from documentary theatre since 2007, which also included earlier outstanding works such as To Be Straight With You and Can We Talk About This?.

To accompany the first performance of John, ImPulsTanz presents a retrospective of Lloyd Newson’s films with DV8 Physical Theatre.

Impulstanz 2014 Website

Detailed schedule information:

Contact: Akademietheater
Tel: (43) 1 955 19 00

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