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Events in Art and Archaeology

Andreas Müller-Pohle : Coincidences. A Select Retrospective
PRAGUE  •  Prague City Gallery  •  22 July - 28 September 2014
The exhibition presents the work of Berlin-based artist Andreas Müller-Pohle who questions both the ontological and representational essence of photography since the mid-1970s, and reflecting the radical change of the technical images through the 1990s till today. The ever-recurring questions of the codification and meaning of information and their dialectic opposition to entropy and chance shows Müller-Pohle's mutual influence with Czech-born philosopher and media theorist Vilém Flusser.

Prague City Gallery Website

Contact: House of Photography / Prague City Gallery
Staromĕstské nám. 13
110 00 Prague
Czech Republi
Tel: (42) 725818721

Events in Pop Culture and Cinema

Photo courtesy of Museum of Communism
Photo courtesy of Museum of Communism
Museum of Communism
PRAGUE  •  Museum of Communism  •  6 October 2006 - 31 December 2014

Housed in the Palace Savarin just off Wenceslas Square and adjacent to Mc-Donald's, the Museum of Communism is the work of American businessman Glenn Spicker who owns bagel shops and bars in Prague. The Museum's three sections, the Dream, the Reality and the Nightmare include secret police surveillance equipment and an interrogation cell, propaganda material, posters and a class-room with communist school books, statues of Lenin and Stalin, a number of sub-standard goods and consumer products that one associates with communism in Eastern and Central Europe and a display devoted to the 1989 Velvet Revolution. 

Museum of Communism Web Site

Contact: Na Příkopě 10
Prague 1
Tel: (42) 224 21 29 66

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